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The growth of technology enforces a continuous need for organisations to work faster, smarter, and better; hence, the needs of individuals and organisations increase as they constantly desire productive tools to equip their workforce.

As an IT Solutions Provider, our job is to identify and address these continually evolving needs within organisations, and proffer solutions tailored to ensure the effectiveness of the workforce within your organisation.

Our Services

Ha-Shem’s goal is to ensure that our clients are making good technical decisions and are realizing business value and results from their IT. Ha-Shem has experienced and seasoned professionals who can create, implement, and maintain a healthy infrastructure for your business, reducing your IT expense and allowing for budgetary planning for the future. Success of each project depends on many unforeseen factors, like: competition, technology evolution, budget constraints, resource crunches, and changes in the market place. We have learned to work around constraints and produce the best solutions possible.


Ha-Shem Consulting service can give you expert advice, design, project assistance, deployment strategy, complete solution implementation, and optimization services you may need to accommodate new change, stay competitive and avoid business risk.


Ha-Shem's Implementation Services bring you a powerful means of delivering a successful solution every time. Our seasoned and certified professionals apply industry-leading practices to ensure that your project proceeds as planned.


Ha-Shem Network Services Limited provides organizations with superior computer and IT training programs. Our corporate IT training focus on providing expert instruction that will allow your staff to effectively deploy, manage and maintain successful IT infrastructures.


Ha-Shem's Support team provides peace of mind by offering you the ability to choose the best support alternatives/packages to suit your organization's needs. Ha-Shem unique combination of consultation and partnership has enabled businesses to harness computing technology to improve efficiency, boost productivity and reduce operating costs


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Messaging, Communication, & Collaboration

Communicate and Collaborate in real-time with teams and departments in different locations with messaging, communication, and collaboration solutions that ensure the swift, secure, and clear exchange of information. These solutions enforce increased productivity as it encourages effective communication overriding location as a constraint, and enabling teams to work better together.

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We guarantee the security of your information with solutions that ensure your environment is protected at all levels. Leaving your network vulnerable makes you more prone to attacks from hackers and as such, you require security tools to educate your users on social engineering, phishing, and spoofing techniques used by hackers to get access to sensitive information within your network.

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Network Management

Keep track of the status of your network with network management tools that notify you of the performance of the network resources used within your organisation. This monitoring tool allows one to be able to take precautionary measures to prevent issues from escalating. lines, hubs, switches, routers, and servers.

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Backup & Recovery

Equip your team with backup and recovery solutions that help prevent data loss and ensure that in the event of data loss, recovery of data is guaranteed. Backup and recovery solution ensure that your data and files are not prone to loss by securing them and ensure that in the event of loss, all files and data are retrievable /recovered.

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Cloud Solutions

Opting for cloud solutions relieves you of the burden of expenses, insufficient storage space, server maintenance, and security breach that delay productivity within the workplace. With cloud computing, productivity is increased and thereby, making things easier; you also spend less, and most of all, you create a safer and more secure platform for the users in your environment.

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Customer Relationship Management

Keep track of the successes and challenges of your customers to help you devise means to maintain their successes, while resolving challenges they face. Use CRM to foster collaboration between various departments across the organisations as they access records detailing contacts, accounts, competitors etc. from a central location.

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With the rate at which data grows within organisations, there is a constant need to expand storage space either on-premise or with a cloud offering to accommodate new data, and archive obsolete data. Storage solutions allow you to optimise your existing storage to accommodate resources as they increase within your organisation.

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Professional Services

Get professional services as our pre-sales engineers assess your network infrastructure and advise you on the most cost-effective solutions that match your needs; while having our technical experts employ best practice in deploying the solution, and supporting you after deployment.

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Training Institute

Ha-Shem Academy Limited, an affiliate of Ha-Shem Network Services Limited is a learning institution, providing professional training and accredited certification in industry-led courses to organisations and individuals, equipping you with the knowledge you need to advance in your career.

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Our Clients

Through the years We've had various Clients from all sectors of the economy. Having such Powerhouse as Clients testifies of our ability of expertise, competence and prompt delivery

United Bank of Africa

FBN Merchant Bank

Coronation Merchant Bank



Vetiva Capital Management Limited

Niger Delta Exploration & Production Plc

Africa Prudential Registrars PLC.



Successful Deployment






Through the Years we have received many accolades which testify of our unrivalled expertise and consistence in deployments, providing solutions and consultancy. Below are some.

News and Media


September 26, 2017

Adibiye Enos received Microsoft P-Seller Award of the Year. This award recognizes excellence in P-seller who have significantly contributed to the growth of the Microsoft Cloud Business.


September 26, 2015

Ha-Shem Testing Center is an Authorized Castle Test Center. Castle Worldwide, Inc. provides examination delivery, design, and development services to certification and licensure organizations, government agencies, corporations, educational institutions, as well as trade and professional associations. Castle offers close to 1,000 test center locations in more than 500 cities in 70 countries to provide Internet-based and paper and pencil testing.


June 01, 2015

Ha-Shem Network Services Ltd. today proudly announced it has won the 2015 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award for Nigeria. The company was honored among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.

AIICO Insurance Plc

Transport Services Limited

Coronation Merchant Bank

Our Partners

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In the spirit of “First, we listen…” we encourage you to contact us to set up a time to discuss your current business challenges and opportunities. We look forward to beginning a discussion with you to understand how we can serve your needs. We welcome your inquiry and will strive to exceed your expectations.

  • Address: 9 Ibikunle St, Yaba, Lagos
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  • Email: sales@ha-shem.com
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